Hello kinksters and pervs!

It’s your favorite Mistress.  what an amazing summer this has been yes I know some of you have your pink panties in a small knot well it needs to be to cover that small cock of yours because I was away so much this summer.  I must admit I had a great time escaping for weeks at a clip traveling this beautiful country of ours, learning the history of different areas, checking out strip clubs, trying different food, fucking and of course teasing the weak men of all races, religions and sizes.

The past couple of years has been taxing on my Mistress ass, between finishing up another degree, keeping up with the latest kinks and fetishist keeping old callers happy and play fresh while understanding the needs and desires of the newer cyber age clients. I just needed a break for some quality me time and to get my kink going.

So this fall I will be here on a more consistent schedule for all your kinky needs and for those of you in need of some therapy talk about your sex addictions or fetish i am your girl.  I will also be catching up with social media and starting a tumbler page where I will be posting more and reposting posting articles and pics so stay tuned for that.

So I woke up this morning from a dream dripping wet, I had a call yesterday from a cock sucker who went into great detail about his first cock he sucked and we roleplayed it into me being next to him pushing his head onto that cock instructing him.  Something about that roleplay always gets me really turned on, the power of making a straight guy with his wife at home geting on his knees and begging me to push is virgin lips onto a nice thick juicy cock.

Can you imagine me in black heels, red silk panties and my sexy voice whispering in your ear please take that nice thick cock into your lips then you feel my fingers in your hair and next thing you know your mouth is implied by your first thick cock…

You know you want to explore that you have been looking over gay porn for sometime now, call me and lets start training you for your first cock.

I will be around this week as I am organizing my office of kink and doing a little remodeling.

You can also find me on Skype at MsCecilia2011 –  you can message me there to see if I am available as I noticed yahoo messenger is becoming a trend of the past

Waiting to hear from you!

Mistress Cecilia