Oh you cute boys how some of you are so confused….it makes me laugh and giggle.  In the past week, I had one feminine sounding guy asking me if he can get me off on the phone and another one asking me to make sucking noises like sucking a cock.

I’m not the Imitation Mistress, but the Real Deal!

First off, I have been to pro dommes with past lovers to enjoy the other end the switch so to speak (I wanted to see what submissives go through in real time) and even with two hot sexy players the dommes do not get naked, masturbate, have sex or orgasm-  so why as a lifestyle domme would I?

I am a real beautiful woman with a voice that is the sexiest around with a really dirty creative mind.  I am not a bubbly cute girl who will fake orgasm for a dollar.  I can appreciate the women who offer that and the guys that need it,  and the reason I bring this up is to avoid that odd moment when you ask and I laugh and say no sweetheart that is not going to happen and you cry to go back to dispatch.

My style, my real voice, and my direct ways are not for all and I am really cool with that, as you can see from my reviews if you want a real kinky girl, then I am your mistress. But remember you are coming to me to be teased, tortured, humiliated and dressed and maybe even be allowed to cum….not the other way around.

A Little Cock Sucking in the South? Some South in Your Mouth!

OK now that is settled, the rest of you guys, well one word: AWESOME!  Love the kinky role plays lately and some really fun dressing up going on.  I got to watch a guy on cam as he had his  iPad and he sucked a cock in adult shop glory hole for the first time.  He asked me not to mention his name but I will say this – if you are in Atlanta in the metro section, and see a blond wig sissy in the adult shop tell her Cecilia says hi.

Big Cock Italians and the Women Who Cuckold

I also had a client tell me in detail by detail how he watched his wife get fucked by a big cock Italian guy in New Jersey.  He was a great story teller and the details were making me nuts on how his wife at first didn’t want to go through with it, and then how she became this insatiable slut who allowed herself to be used by this sexy cock.   That was sexy and I replayed that one in my head a few times.

On the therapy couch is E….god he is worse than an 18 year old boy in a whore house! It has been a while since I have had to deal with a man as horny and charged up as him.  This week his mission is to go to a coffee house and hit the bathroom and masturbate and cum while wearing his panties with people just outside the door and he is not allowed to lock it. I asked him for video of the cum I hope he follows through. I am so excited to keep pushing him on his journey.

Remember I will be away for my birthday June 1-4, but will be working a little later before I go to keep up with the demand of my kinky boys that need their fix and therapy.  If you are in Cabo, take a look at the resort pools and lounges you might see a sexy, kinky redhead sunbathing and relaxing.

Until we talk again! Ms Cecilia