WOW, thank you and what a busy phone sex week of cock control and kinky therapy!

First off I want to thank all of you for your congratulations and kind words about my recent accomplishments, you guys are awesome so a thank you smack on the ass for all of you !

I have always had an interest in what makes people tick, and what is going on in the dark recesses of their minds. With a degree under my belt, I can now do that easier especially when listening to your secrets and kinks.

Super Therapist for Your Kinky Secrets is Here

It has a been a super busy week here - calls have been coming at me like a swarm of locust on a hot summer night, I love it and I love how kinky you guys get during the spring.  It must be seeing all the sexy women showing more leg or cleavage as the temperatures rise. It all makes you guys hornier.  But where do you go with your kinks? You need to let them out somewhere, well that’s what your awesome Phone Sex Mistresses are here for:  to give you the place to tell us your secrets. Your fantasies allow us to be your kinky oasis.

I had big boy come on this week and when I say big boy he has a 10 inch cock and trust me, I had him measure it for me on cam, god that thing is so hot to look at.  How many of my cocksuckers ever really get to see a cock that large right in front of you? It even makes a Mistress like me drool.  Big boy has a panty fetish and loves to wear them, he has a little frame so that huge cock is always falling out of the satin bikini panties.  The only shame with big boy is he is a quick ejaculator and he only last on cam for a couple of minutes, then gone. What a shame! Such a big cock, but he can’t last and has a little build.  This Mistress likes a guy with shoulders like barn doors, but that cock size is ahhhmazing!  Too bad he will not share pictures of it.

Kinky Public Exposure – A Case File

I also had my first fantasy phone sex therapy call this week.  I will call him exposed or perhaps E for short.  E had 3 sessions on my couch this week discussing his excitement about public exposure.  He went on about how his first girlfriend was really into having sex outdoors and sneaking a quickie in at parties etc.  Now E is a respected lawyer and has to live a more plain jane lifestyle and his vanilla wife would never go for that.  As the time went on, he eventually got to the point that he needed that rush of public play and when he is with his wife he is actually thinking about the quickies he had in closets at parties to keep himself excited.

E does not want to venture out of his marriage or lose his practice, so we are setting up small incremental steps for him to accomplish his sexual need for this.  So this upcoming week, E will be going to buy panties then changing into them at the local mall where he is directed to take pictures of him wearing them under his clothes.  He must send the photos to me right away before he leaves the mall.

This small little gesture was enough to stimulate his desires that he emailed me the following day telling me he made love to his wife twice in one day.

Cock Therapy? Femme Therapy? Kink Therapy? Who will be on my couch this week?

If you want to get that extra out of a Phone Sex Call try a few therapy sessions with Kinky therapist Mistress Cecilia, probing deep into your brain and desires might open up new desires for you also, plus our Phone Sex Mistesses love when you guys talk and share, as it helps us make your experience that much better.

Ohhhhhhh I have a CBT session coming up, I love inflicting some discomfort onto a cock and having you squirm and beg for me to stop, maybe I will if you promise to eat your cum for me….

SO- Who will be on my couch this week?

Remember – therapists do it on the couch.

Mistress Cecilia – For your Kinky Therapy Needs