Dear kinky diary- Erotic tan lines, embarrassing moments and a chicken

I got a first row seat for the most entertaining, funniest and dumbest thing I have ever witnessed in my life the other night.  This caller (I will call him chicken boy) goes on cam for me and boy was he a little out of his mind.  So he is carrying on how he is the greatest fuck in the world with is little 4 inch cock and I am just laughing at him and making fun of his little cock telling him how he could never come close to making anyone happy with that thing.

With this, he says:  “Oh yeah I will show you”.  Sure, I can’t wait for this one, I say.

He comes back with a fully cooked chicken still in the broiling pan and puts it on his desk.  Now, it was entirely cooked through and cooled off at this point – I made sure of it.  Next thing I know, chicken boy is cock deep in this fully cooked chicken grease flying everywhere the cooked chicken falling apart this look of a craziness in his eyes and me almost peeing in my pants laughing so hard.  Quickly, it dawned on chicken boy what he was doing and he quickly signed off and left – I swear I must have laughed 1000 times playing that over in my head.

So Kinky, You Can Only Do It Once!

So what is the oddest sexual thing you have ever done that you will never repeat?  When in college, I think every school heard of the girl who used the frozen hotdog that got stuck in her pussy and had to go to the hospital to get it removed, or the boy who got caught with his friends’ moms panties.  I actually got caught masturbating in a my car outside my dorm my freshman year in college.

Call this sexy redhead Mistress and share your now funny moments with me maybe – we can role play and turn it into a really erotic role play. That would be so sexy and hot.  Can you imagine turning your most embarrassing moment into a really kinky sexual adventure?  I am all excited thinking about the possibilities.

Kinky Torment with Tan Lines

My tan is really coming in with this amazing weather here in the desert this time of year.  I love when I get undressed and you can see the white outline of the string bikini I sun bath in, contrasting with the darker sun tanned skin.  I know you dirty boys love that look.  I am peeling my shorts back now and looking.  It is so sexy!  I would love to tie you up and just walk around naked in front of you right now.


I am looking for a few new long term boys to capture and torment, if you are bored of your current phone girl give me a try and hear what this super sexy voice and dirty imagination can do for you!

Also! Pay attention:  Purchase a  20 minute call or longer between 5pm est on Sunday (today – April 6th) and 5am EST on Monday and receive a 10 minute credit! The credit can either be applied to today’s call, or used for a future call. You MUST mention the special when they call in order to receive it.

Until we talk!

Ms Cecilia