I woke the other morning answered the phone and got greeted with a good morning Cecilia this is the spanking asshole. After I choked my coffee back from trying not to laugh… spanking asshole then explained his thing.  This was an older gentleman in his golden years who grew up in a time where spanking was more tolerant, especially the traditional over the knee spanking. spanking asshole then went into how he loved being humiliated as he  gets spanked from pretty girls half his age. At the end the conversation made this sexy mistress ponder

I just want to throw this out there see what everyones thoughts are on it, we always have the humiliation guys, the tease and denial guys and the ones  who play along with guided masturbation.  But from my memory, it appears that the 20-mid 30 guys are all about cock, sucking cock, cum eating, cuckold, Big Black cock, just cock cock cock.  Form mid 30’s to early 50’s it is all about feminzation with some cuckold role play mixed in and once we get past that age a more traditional submissive type play, such as spanking, strict domination and chastity.

Which Generation of Kink Are You?

Are there generational things that sculpt the psyche of a guy as he matures?  which do you belong to are you a cock crazed boy dying to suck your neighbors cock or watch him have his way with you wife making her cum so hard she passes out…or do you want to play dress up with me and have girl talk?


So the other day I am in my backyard getting a tan (it has been 80 here in sin city, so what is a sexy mistress to do?)  I was reading the news on my iPad and we have planes missing, countries taking over other countries, robberies  and all kinds of really serious stuff.  I then looked through various phone sex blogs on the internet and they are all serious…. and I thought to myself where did the the fun go?

Putting the Fun Back in Phone Sex

So I decided it was my turn to bring the fun back.  You will notice a more lighter fun and personal change in this blog that I will be updating a couple times a week.  Phone Sex should be your place of escape and fun, I will never lead you on into thinking there is more then our kinky play, I will never take advantage and require you to buy me things to keep me happy. I just want to have a collection of fun guys that we can laugh at times, and also take your kinks serious, and make them as erotic and fulfilling as we can within this media.


I am hooked on classic rock lately – a whole generation of music that came out before I was born, but you will see references here and there since most of my loyal guys are from that time period.  If you are looking for fun, a really sexy voice, kinky imagination and an all around deviant I am your girl, call me I am looking forward to fun and kink with you.