Bet you didn’t know this about me, but I love dogs and one of mine is this really handsome border collie.  This breed of dog is so smart it literally takes me a day and a few treats to teach him new tricks, my latest one was teaching him to close the door.  Because it was chilly, he already knows how to open the door to the back yard, and I got tired of having to get up and shut. So, now, I just say close the door and boom, he is up running and the door is closed, of course the cute hairy doggie then has his head on my leg awaiting his special doggie bone treat.

Orgasm Denial and Chastity Training – Cecilia’s Reward System

It seems this reward system works with all types of training even with my awesome callers.  Those who want to learn control or are in chastity know if they do as I tell them that a sweet kinky boy treat in the shape of a nice explosive orgasm awaits them.   Don’t you want to be one of my good boys who gets to tell me your secret fantasy and let me run with it, build it and build that orgasm nice and slow wondering if I will let you cum? Or do I keep you in that intense toe curling, eye rolling, euphoric state of the pre-orgasmic bliss.  I once had one caller teasing the underside of his sensitive head for over an hour, I was watching him on cam, and it was like he left his body and was just in a whole different universe.  When he came, his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he was dripping in sweat, and shaking and moaning like crazy and just shooting ropes of cum after ropes of cum.  It was hot to watch and he had a really nice cock, so I was sitting here wet. I actually had to sign out after for a bit and have a nice orgasm myself.

Professions and Perversions – Kinky Suit n’ Tie Guys

I was laughing this week as the perverted accountants came out of the woodwork, I guess they are getting ready for tax season!  For some reason you guys have some of the funniest and most kinkiest fantasies out of all the careers, followed by a close second:  lawyers.  I must give a shout out to Loser Boner Boy – maybe the dice will be in  your favor next time although I highly doubt it, you love to take care of your Mistress.  One of my new heavy callers who loves to have me tease and torture his small cock is so much fun as he loves to do long calls and be sent with a new mission to complete for me each time, such a good boy.  Lastly my traveling man, this time pulling his panties above his waistband of his pants while sitting at the bar of that seafood restaurant, you have to be the craziest of the public play guys and handsome as they come – you are a sexy dirty man you always leave me wet with that smile…..

I will be around the next week mostly during the days and into the early evenings so let’s connect and play.  Even in Vegas it’s been a little chilly, many of you have told me about the extreme weather in your areas. God I can’t wait for the warm weather for all of us…my dress up girls need to wear their short dresses…. haha

Ms Cecilia