Chastity Training

Lately, I’ve had a lot of people come to Me asking about chastity training – yes I do it, and yes I have guys in chastity right now who have been under My watchful eye for awhile.  I do the circuit training, and I do a lot of one on one training. In terms of type of chastity – that part is up to you, and when we do a session, we will explore the types of chastity devices that are out there.  One of the things I don’t do is key holding. I do not want your keys mailed to me, or mailed to the company. However, the best way to solve this problem is with numbered locks. This ensures that you are still in the same lock that I left you in by taking pictures of the locks, or, going on cam and showing Me that what you handed over to Me is still locked and secured. Then, in terms of release – I will monitor your behavior and your past experience with chastity and see what you can or can not handle. But, don’t get Me wrong – I love to know you are struggling and squirming when you have handed your cock over to Me. Once you do so, it is ALL mine and I determine what happens to it.

Chastity and Cuckold, Feminization, Sucking Cock….

Now, as far as chastity coupled with other fetishes, that certainly can be accomplished and it works very well in a variety of other things you might be into: cuckold, feminization, sucking cock … any of these fetishes can work in conjunction with chastity play. So keep that in mind!

If you have any questions about my chastity training program – message me, or email me and we can discuss it for a few minutes.

Mistress Cecilia