Wow! What a fun and wild week I had, deviants from all over the world called like crazy for my private end of year audio and I think some countries might still be in a state of shock! Perhaps Mistress Cecilia should run the UN.  Can you imagine? All the leaders must wear silk panties and bow to pictures of me every morning?

A Free Erotic Audio

For my pervy guys who were curious but got nervous about making the call, let me tell you what you missed: All of you know I am a dominant woman at heart and quite a tease, but not the girl to moan on a phone sex call or touch myself for your entertainment. After all, you are the guys calling me.  However, I was so horny and feeling kinky so this is the one time that Mistress Cecilia really came on the audio. Yes, you read that right. The audio was me telling my personal fantasy with my bodywand vibrator going on my pussy and clit as I orgasmed over and over and now it is locked in my vault forever. Don’t embarrass yourself asking if I will cum for you on the phone. That was a rare opportunity!

But it is the holidays and some of you boys have been very generous so I recorded a teasing audio for your holiday pleasure; when you need to disappear but cannot make that phone sex call because of all the ears around you,  consider it my gift to all you. Here it is: Christmas Erotic Audio

Boner Boy and Loser!

Now onto the Boner Boy: I love tormenting you like no tomorrow and publicly humiliating you, your great attitude towards me and your kink make the time fly by as I get to call you my favorite loser and have you do humiliating things in your tutu.  I also want to thank you for being one of the good guys over the years that always follows through on your word and my friend does too. I would have to say you are the king of the losers and the rest of the losers could only hope to be half the boner boy you are.

Now onto my sexy desires, I got the hottest Ms Claus corset, panties and thigh highs to tease the fuck out of my Santa this year! Thank you stocking boy for the gift card,  I can’t wait for Christmas,  oh the gifts, the cookies and most important the big cock! I love this holiday.

I expect to hear from all my boys this week before the big day to talk on the phone and wish your beautiful Mistress a Merry Christmas and don’t forget the free teasing audio gift from your Mistress.

Look for updates after the New Year sluts, bitches and deviants. I will be focusing on various stroking and teasing practices you can do in between your calls with me.


Ms Cecilia

Erotic Mistress Cecilia