Halloween was so much fun, I think I’m still recovering! I dressed as cat woman and went to a party – I had this latex black suit on, red lips and this wild red hair coming out from underneath the mask. It was hot! Prior to the party, I had gone to a BDSM “workshop” where I met with other Mistresses in the industry to go over CBT techniques and extensive denial training. I have to say, I am loving loving playing with the boys  who have signed up for the Circuit Training – we are having a lot of fun! I hear from them daily in email (part of the training), as well as playing certain games. Especially on skype, if I get to watch, it feels as if I am right there playing with you – whether it is circuit training, CBT, tease and denial, etc. Lately, my favorite way of teasing you guys is watching porn together and making you edge everytime the word “cock” or “dick” is said in the porn film. Likened to a drinking game, it makes it fun. Try it with Me sometime!

Aces High Tease and Denial Game

Also, if you have not played my “Aces High” game – I invented this game back around 2007, you must play it with me! It is pretty much for tease and denial guys, and yes, it is a stroking game. I draw 2 cards and that adds up to the amount of times you stroke, a King is 30 strokes, a Queen is 25 strokes and a Jack is 15. An Ace card that is drawn is coupled with the second card drawn and is multiplied x 5. For example, if I draw an Ace with a 5. 5 x 5 = 25.  The trick is to get through the game without cumming, if you do – you lose! Some losers of this game have agreed to buy something off Amazon, or a virtual bouquet – but it is not necessary, just makes it more fun.

Sissy Tease and Dress Up

I had a great dress up call  the other day with “V”. We did a 2 hours of slow long dressing and teasing. Everytime My little sissy slut put on a pair of panties, or a bra, or a slip – she’d have to bring herself to the edge by rubbing herself like a girl with a vibrator. Oh yeah.  After that, a few days later, she was made to go and buy a specific style and color of panties at a lingerie store and was made to tell the sales lady they were for her. Oh yeah – all the while, wearing a butt plug.

So, during this fall time, I’ve been very busy with calls and enjoying them immensely.  Consider some of the games I do, assignments and the circuit training and if you have questions – drop Me an email or message Me on yahoo or skype!  Yahoo :  mistress_cecilia_dominates   Skype:  MsCecilia2011.

Be Good Turkeys – Ms Cecilia