I had a very  entertaining call this past weekend from a caller who thought he was the bomb.  “John”, as I will call him, (not real name),  came to me with his peacock feathers all in full color and on display and was going to teach me a lesson, silly boy. I call this “topping from the bottom”.

His best line was:  “I needed to be put in my place because I was a bad girl,” and just started to ramble on with some ridiculous script he must have seen in a recent porn video. As it were, your Mistress took over the reigns.

Needless to say, an hour later, John was on skype in front of me with his little balls and cock tied up, spanking it with a ruler until he pleaded for me to stop.  Naturally for you sluts that know me, I didn’t stop and made him spank it harder until his cum dribbled out of that pathetic little cock. With no mercy in my voice, I made that little slut lick up every single little drop in front of me.  Yes, that to me was so erotic! He thought he was the big man on campus and there he was tears on his cheeks and his own cum on his lips, and it was his decision to leave a virtual bouquet as an apology.

My phone has been on fire lately, must be something about this time of year that brings out the more creative phone sex fantasy play, some really wild stuff that Mistress gets to be real imaginative with.  Of course, I cannot forget about all my well trained sissies, cock suckers and my cuckolds.  Talking of which “B”,   I am still waiting for that photo of you licking another man’s cum out of your wife’s pussy, you promised that to me a few days ago and you know the punishment we agreed upon for being late….that poor ass of yours.

On another thought, everyone who knows me knows I like to get fucked good and hard.  When the urge arises, I seek out an attractive guy, seduce him,  get fucked and leave with a smile on my face for the rest of the day and move on.  There are no ties attached outside that good fuck I received.  I mention this because an old caller messaged me recently wanting to do a call for old time sakes, then in the next sentence, didn’t want to jump back in.  I am completely fine with it if you can’t handle it for whatever your reasoning may be. Just remember I am not your wife or girlfriend, I am a sexy, kinky girl who is here to fulfill your phone sex fantasies and listen to your fetishes and push your limits by making it a positive experience for you whether it be tease, humiliation or dressing up.

My favorite feedback is hearing how our call helped reduce the stress from a crazy presentation or how talking through the fantasy allowed a caller to have a better experience with his wife.  Let’s make sure we keep this fun, kinky and positive rather than letting it become delusional drama that ends up spoiling the fun.

For those who like the challenge, don’t forget to sign up for the advanced cock training program, I have already put a handful of strokers into total sub space leaving the program with a whole new perspective. If you have questions, email Me or message Me on yahoo.

Look for me as I should be around and you can find me on my usual channels. I will be escaping for a few days in the next couple of weeks to head to an advanced BDSM training course focused on bondage and CBT.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Ms Cecilia