There is a new twist on an old game of control and ownership. One of my callers had been discussing all kinds of kinky games as of late, and he always somehow circled back to chastity.


But, the problem was, his girlfriend was a horny cock-loving girl (his words) and loved to have sex, so wearing a chastity device was not an option.


A couple of weeks ago, he was sharing, again, his need for chastity and to have that control. He was badly wanting me to own his cock, and, more importantly – how we both love to build on that exquisite, precious orgasm which becomes more intense over time. So you guys who play that tease and denial game know exactly what I am talking about. That desire to do anything to hear my sexy voice say : Now, I want you to cum for Me. I really love that control, and desire it.


So, when he approached me with this idea, I was excited and figured you cock control sluts mights be interested too.

I was asked to pick a number from 100 – 1000 but not tell him what that number was. So I picked 200. I wondered where he was going with this. Then, I realized I was dealing with a creative slut when he unfolded the plan. He told me to not allow him to cum until he has spend that many minutes on the phone with me – the 200 I chose. He loved the idea of not know what day he would get to cum based on the fact he had to actually go up to the 200th minute. So now, he was under a chastity – but more mental.

Now, a few things, I know he is a wanker and I am quite sure he watched porn and came a few times. And, I told him he had to fake orgasm with his “cock hungry” girl, but I am sure he allowed a few cum loads to leak out.  But to me, either of those releases does not equal the intensity of pleasing his Mistress and getting to hear me purr in his ear as I watch him shake and say, okay, now cum hard for me.

He loved this game, but was surprised at the low number I picked as his chastity was over in a week. Oh, what a phone sex slut!

So to my attached deviants who have fantasized with me over and over about chastity: here is your chance to play out that fantasy that is burning in that soon to be blue ball sack.


Ms Cecilia