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I finally got the last feminization chapter done! yay! Pops the champagne cork – I got this whole little novella done.  So please enjoy the final chapter of Danielle’s saga! I hope you enjoyed this ride as much as I did. Also, please vote on the poll below this chapter!




I watched beads of sweat form on Danielle’s forehead as we sat at the dinner table at a prominent upscale Italian restaurant. Her glistening beads of perspiration could have been from a number, or combination of events taking place at that moment. To begin with, Danielle was donning an elegant lavender, spaghetti-strap dress with a smattering of sequins across the chest. Underneath, she was wearing white, silk bikini panties all with a little delicate bow in the front and fashioned in the center of that bow was a tiny pearl. She wore a strapless bra which lifted up what breasts she had and formed a gentle crease as her cleavage. Opaque white high stockings clung to her thighs. She had on a dusting of lavender eye shadow, and her eyelashes had a hint of mascara that when she closed her eyes, they were long and gently hit on her rosy cheeks below.  Framing her face of colors and beauty draped a layered light brown wig.

Perhaps the perspiration she wiped with a cloth dinner napkin repeatedly that evening had to do with the chastity device securely hugging the shaft of her clitoris, as I was now calling it.

The waiter came over to ask about our order. I told Danielle that I would order her meal to make him more comfortable, but also, to make him feel more of that feminine touch since men typically took the role of ordering for their women. Then, I changed my mind. I looked at the waiter and said,  “Please ask my girlfriend first what she would like. I am still deciding.”

Oh, the excitement in watching her panic and squirm in her chair gave me such an exquisite sense of power. After the waiter left, I asked her how hard her clitoris was in her cage. I could tell she was floating into another dimension and a space she had never experienced before and I could tell she was getting aroused by how she was made to expose her true nature.

As the weeks rolled by, I watched as Danielle transformed more into a woman and sometimes, my own desires were confused. There were times I would feel myself becoming wet by the sound of the mustang pulling up into the driveway, but now,  he was driving a hybrid.  The feelings of his callus hands on my skin now turned to soft, delicate rose petals as they were now always smooth with lotion. The smell of a man’s sweat after a hard day of working in the yard was now replaced with smell of Chanel.

I was loving how my deviant side was taking control of Danielle and transforming her into the perfect girl for me. I also loved cuckolding her. How I went to clubs and picked up strange men and went back to their place to have unbridled sex. I then realized I needed a man around me more. A real man. A man who didn’t have the need to share my lipstick, or, who wanted to wear lingerie and mince about in dresses. I craved a man. Simple as that. I loved the power of transforming men into women, but the woman side of me wanted more.

I found Danielle sitting by the pool. She was wearing a red bikini and her legs looked tan and smooth. The frequent stops to the salon to get waxing paid off and she was looking more feminine than I had ever seen her before.

I paused and sat down to the lounge next to her by the pool.  “I’m relinquishing my past with you as you being a man, and I’m moving on”, I said.   Puzzled, she looked at me.   “You are going to be a girl from now on, and what I need is a man. A real man. I am forgetting you ever even had a penis, and from now on, you are just Danielle to me. Nothing more. I’m going to start looking more seriously for a relationship that satisfies me”.

I softened my tone.  “But you will always still be my girl and you will still live here as a girl who works here. You will quit your job and you will be here to serve me and whatever love I happen to bring home.”   She stared out to the pool and sighed heavily.   “Well, Cecilia, I always wanted to be a girl, and now I have it. And I guess I can never go back to be just Daniel and forget this whole thing?”   “No”, I said. “You will be Danielle. Thinking of you as anything but is ridiculous to me now. You have been living this way with me for months, and I don’t see any turning back now”.

With that, I got up and walked into the house.

Danielle sat by the pool for a long while and watched the sun set in the trees. As she watched the sun set, she knew her life as Daniel also was setting. That part of  her being was disappearing forever. She knew change was a part of life, and she wondered what kind of adventures would happen to her as a woman now. A thought flashed in her mind and it surprised her as she dreamed of a man standing before her now – wearing nothing but a tiny blue speedo in which she could see the outlining of his bulge. Her eyes gazed upward, following the muscles ripped in his abdomen and her intent stare stopped at his smile that spread across his face and into his big brown eyes. She could feel a tingling in her bikini bottoms, and since she was released from the cock cage now, she had the freedom to explore and play with herself. She never had many fantasies about being with a man, and this shocked her to the core. It was as if every cell in her body was becoming and woman and transforming even her fantasies and thoughts. Her fantasies danced in her head as if invisible forces were pushing them on her to dream them up. A man’s cock slipping between her silky lips. A man’s hands feeling her curves.  A man’s lips locking on hers.

The sun slipped beneath the hills and the stars were turned on slowly.

Danielle’s masculinity disappeared that evening by the pool. As if the sun had pulled every bit of masculinity she had left in her, it all left her, leaving only the beautiful darkness of glittering stars and galaxies in her wake which arose a femininity Danielle had always dreamed of.