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Mistress Cecilia


Chapter 3




The days rolled on by, and Danielle slowly started to adjust in his new role of being a “girlfriend” to me. We enjoyed trips to various clothing stores to buy him new dresses, skirts, and many kinds of shoes such as high heels. Of course, we made our way to lingerie boutiques to find him the finest panties and bras made of silk, lace and fine embroidery work.  He was also taken to a spa one Saturday, where he had his eyebrows completely shaped, and he was given makeup tips.

Danielle had also become accustomed to coming home and stripping out of his clothes and putting on what I had picked out for him for the day – no matter what it was. Perhaps it was a maid’s uniform one day, or a simple red teddy lingerie the next. One evening, I had put red lipstick over his lips perfectly. I lined his lips with a red lip liner, then filled it in with red lipstick. Then, I kissed him – just like we were lipstick lesbians, and turned the perfect lipstick job into a red, thin smear across his face. It was as if he was my artistic masterpiece, and I could mold him, paint him, shape him however I wanted.

The only thing was, I wanted more. I wanted him to know what it is like to be in public and behave; to dress and experience life as a girl. It’s one thing to do it in the privacy of our home, I had told Danielle.  “But to be looked at, sized up and showing off your tits and your nice ass, that’s what I want you to really experience!”, I had explained.

He was reluctant. Being a respected businessman in the community and donating to charity events – what would the community think if they saw him for what he really was? Beads of sweat formed on Danielle’s brow when he explained this to me.

“But you need it,” I told him one evening as he sat on the bed, dressed up as a school girl with the plaid skirt and white blouse. Instinctively, he crossed his legs and tilted his head to the side, giving me an innocent gaze.  “I need it?” he asked.   “You need to know what it likes to be a pretty girl, and have men stare at you.”

After days of not only asking, but demanding, he still fought me. After my years past of being a Mistress, I had already heard every excuse and every trick in the book when a submissive, a sissy, a cross dresser or a slave wanted to wiggle their way out of something they felt uncomfortable doing.

It was time to return to my old Mistress tricks.

While he was a work one day, I took a long, hot shower, taking my time to shave. I curled my hair and it flowed down like soft red waves around my back and shoulders. I put makeup on – soft pink lips, winged dark eye shadow and cheeks kissed with the hint of peach. My skin glowed. Satisfied, I put lotion all over my body and his scent too – rose. He always called me his rose as a nickname for I always carried the scent with me. I put on some lavender bikini panties and slid a nice white silk nightie over my curves as it clung onto my shape in all the right places and moved with me like a dream. I knew he would melt for me when he saw.

When he got home, he looked on the couch where I typically lay out his feminine attire, but tonight, nothing could be found except a note:  Get naked. Come to the bedroom now.

Once he entered, he say me laying on the bed and I rose my finger demanding he come join me. God, his cock was so hard and I missed it. But I had plans. After all, it was he who had wanted to be a girl, right?

“You have been such a good boy, Daniel. I have a treat for you”. I kissed him deeply. As he laid back, I slowly secured his wrists to the headboard with handcuffs. I purred in his ear, and told him how much I loved him, and how much I missed him.  I slowly kissed down his body, like old times.  I took his raging cock into my mouth. I could hear him moan as I slowly sucked that beautiful cock and I could feel and see his body writhe in pleasure, and I slowly brought him to the edge of release. To the very edge of heavenly ejaculation. But I pulled off to watch his cock spasm and dance in mid-air. I smiled and laid my head on him and looked up. “Would you like me to take it deeper?”

He nodded. Again, I took his cock, deep red, almost pomegranate in color, and brought him to the edge once more. I, once again, released the grasp of my lips from him. His eyes were tearing and his breath erratic. His cock was dancing. I knew he was mine.  Now I could do what I wanted.

“Cecilia, please, I will do anything for you…”, Daniel moaned.   Smiling, I crawled up and straddled his chest and left my nightie, showing him the lavender panties. He used to always smell me through these particular pair as they are sheer.  I got close to him, straddling his chest. He could see how my pussy lips were flush, and open, with the satin sliding between them. A beautiful, open orchid right before him.

“Look, your favorite panties – don’t you want to taste it?” I whispered coyly.   He had tears in his eyes, and he nodded.  “Well, I already told you what I want. You are going to go with me to dinner, dressed like my pretty girlfriend, aren’t you?” I stated.   He paused and pleaded, trying to resist. I reached over, once again, and stroked his dripping cock until he agreed, yes, he would be going as my girlfriend.

That is when I slid off the bed and reached under it to grab a little riding crop.   “Now, Danielle, I need you to keep your word….”, I said with a more stern shift to my voice.  I slowly smacked the mushroom head of his cock, stinging it and his cock began to retract and shrink as if trying to get away. This, of course, is what I wanted. While I used to enjoy having sex with him, the dynamic shifted. I was satisfied to watch his cock turn into a shriveling piece of uselessness. Something less. Something more ….. feminine. It wasn’t as masculine to me anymore. As I watched it began to crawl back up, it was as if a metamorphosis was occurring right before my eyes. The caterpillar was turning into a butterfly. His cock embodied something not of masculinity, but now, of femininity. It needed to be forgotten. It needed to be locked away.

With that thought, I brought out the new contraption from the side table, slowly opening the drawer, and bringing out a black velvet covered box. I opened the lid and peered inside. Then, I smiled, asking,  “Do you know what this is, Danielle?”   His eyes widened. Or, I should say hers because as I looked at that face, anything resembling the Daniel I once knew melted away with the vulnerability that was now before me. Danielle emerged in my eyes as I dangled the cock cage before her. I stared into her eyes as I brought out the little golden lock with the key to her freedom. From the way I could see it, the key would be around my neck on a chain, never to leave it. I placed the cage around her shriveled clitoris, and we both heard the click of the lock. A simple click echoed off the walls reminding us both of the new roles of the relationship.

Then, I took the key and placed it on the gold chain hanging from my neck. Satisfied, I took out a life-like dildo and placed it in between my legs. We laid on opposite ends of the bed and she watched as I pushed the delicate panties aside and whispered the words that she was never to be inside of me like this again. I pushed the dildo inside, all nine inches of it, and pulled it out. Then, I crawled up to her and straddled her.  “A good lesbian girlfriend would eat my very wet pussy now….”   Her tongue slipped inside. I moaned and threw my head back.

Should Cecilia:

  1. Take another boyfriend and make Danielle her live-in maid/ girlfriend?
  2. Make Danielle solely her lesbian lover?
  3. A sissy only to be humiliated and subjected as such to others?
  4. Have Danielle eventually be with men since he is no longer deemed a man in her eyes?