Hello everyone,

I want to thank everyone who called on my featured Mistress day – I really had a blast!  It was a VERY busy day and had fun talking to people – old and new. So thank you again!


As promised, here is the first chapter of the Feminization story you all voted for:


Chapter 1

The Reveal

What a beautiful Sunday morning. I woke up and he was already clanking dishes in the kitchen and making breakfast. I could smell a mixture of coffee, maple syrup and bacon wafting through the air.  I woke and slipped on my silk robe over my naked, ivory skin and wandered out to the kitchen. I found him there at the stove, shirt off, his curly tousled about his head. The sun poured into the kitchen cascading across everything in its path. I snuck up behind him and kissed him on his neck; tasting the salt on his skin. His sweat from our lovemaking the night before still attached to his skin.


“Good morning, sweet lover”, I whispered in his ear as he flipped sizzling bacon in the pan.


“Have a seat, sexy girl – I’m going to spoil you”, he beamed.


I slipped into the breakfast nook with my coffee and looked across the flower garden.


He was the perfect man to me. His complexion was the color of a light brown sugar, and the callouses on his hands told the story of a hard worker laboring outside in the sun. He loved the finest restaurants, and reading books that satiated his curiosities and delighted his imagination. He loved plays, but he also loved football and working on his Ford Mustang collection. He was just the right balance of a man refined, and a man who could get his hands dirty.  More important, he loved me and to him, I was the rare pearl in the oyster.


Sexually speaking, our life in the bedroom was amazing and bonding. However, I felt something lacking. A final piece of the puzzle was missing to make our relationship feel more complete. The piece of the puzzle had to be a little more dark with sharp edges and somehow fit into the rest of the picture. I needed some kinkiness in my life. I was always attracted to men who cross dressed, and, as a former Mistress, I used to play with them. Many of those cross dressers purged all their clothes, and feminine belongings, only to be back at it months later. I understood what they went through as I needed something alternative in my life, but as it stood, I was lacking that in my life and I tried to forget about it as I had started dating this man who didn’t know of my past, or my more edgier fantasies. I had purged, so to speak, my kinky lifestyle of years past.


My thoughts trailed off as I ate the last of the strawberries he served to me on a platter.  I looked at the clock on the wall, and realized I was running a little behind for my usual Sunday pilates class at the gym. I scurried around, kissing him on the cheek, and throwing on my tight black yoga pants, and a shirt that hugged my curves so when I did my pilates moves – the clothes moved with me. I found the keys by the usual clay taupe pot by the door and ran out to the car to drive five miles to the gym. When I finally arrived, a sign posted on the door of the gym announced my pilates class was canceled. Disappointed, I sauntered off to to get a coffee at a cafe nearby.


I slowly drove home, sipping on the hot cafe latte, wondering what he was up to. Probably washing the breakfast dishes or doing a load of laundry as he did every Sunday morning. I figured I might surprise him with a nice slow blow job that he enjoyed so much from me when I got home.


As I pulled up to the driveway, I was planning on sneaking into my bedroom and picking out the lingerie I would surprise him with:  a nice midnight black teddy from that expensive boutique downtown I had bought a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps I would touch up my lips with blood red lipstick and dust my eyes with a coal black eyeshadow. A little Chanel fragrance I’d lightly spray on the inside of my wrists and lastly, I’d slip on some 5 inch black leather strappy heels that crisscrossed over my little feminine feet and a strap that circled around my ankles. Yes, that would get him going for certain!


I locked the car and walked up to the door and placed my key in the keyhole and opened the door. I crept quietly down the corridor and up the stairs, carefully holding on to the banister so as to make my footfalls more stealth-like. It was unusually quiet though in the house. Where was he? His car was still parked in the driveway. Maybe he is napping, I thought.


I slowly walked to our bedroom door and expected to find him napping. But what I did discover, I would have never imagined. My mouth gaped open, my eyes widened, my heart quickened to a gallop as the scene before me sunk into my mind. I paused in shock, taking in all the details.


“Daniel?”, I managed to let his name escape my lips, my  voice cracking in a shocked whisper.


There he was – in my white thigh high stockings, a pink negligee that he bought me for Valentine’s day! He also managed to cram his size twelve feet into my size nine shoes, but haphazardly so. He sat on the bed and turned his head at the mention of his name and my presence. The blood red lipstick that I was planning on brushing on my lips instead sat on his, and in his hand were the panties I wore from the night before: a light pink bikini lacy pair that stilled was fragrant of sex. It looked as if he might have been sniffing them from the way his fingers weaved around the satin material and the proximity of which they were from his face. From his ears dangled a pair of clip-on crystal costume earrings – none of which I recognized.  The look on his face: shock and embarrassment and the blood left his face – leaving only the red rouge smeared on his cheeks.


Did he know? Did he know I used to be a Mistress? Did he know I craved this? I dated him for three years, and we moved in a year ago…..


My mind led to an assortment of emotions: excitement, a little betrayal, arousal, a bit angry.  I moved in closer to him as I heard him stutter:


“Cecilia? Oh my god … I…. I… thought you were gone for awhile this morning….”




For the next scene, should Cecilia:


  1. Punish him by spanking him for keeping this secret for so long?
  2. Take him shopping and insist he turn completely feminine from now on?
  3. Snap a picture and expose him for what he really is to all her close friends?
  4. Take sexual toys and treat him as a naughty girl should be treated?
  5. Completely change their relationship, thus, making him more of her girlfriend and eventually, her wife?