I have kept mental notes over the years of men, sissies, fetishists – what have you and the cycle of nature.  As you notice, everyone is on a cycle – men, women and the entire earth. Think of a woman, for example, she is on a constant cycle – her body changing to keep up with sexual desires, needs and wants. In other words, her insatiable desire and hunger to get a big cock. If I sound like a hunter of big cock, I am, and my natural inclinations and the wetness of what drips from me screams for it.

Crazy Fetish and the Full Moon: Intense, Sexual Fantasies Galore

I have noticed the cycles of men over the years myself, and with as experienced as I have become, I think I’m onto something.  I have tied it to the cycles of the moon and how the pull of gravity effects you kinky pervs. When the moon is full, it seems the more crazy the fantasies become. Public play, intense and crazy fantasies come into full view. I love it, love to witness and harness it.

New Moon: Crossdressers and Sissies

Next is the starting of the new moon phase and what do I have come before me, usually, are the sissies and the sweet crossdressers! The panties, the stockings and the dresses fly as if a new feminine phase is upon Me. I was speaking to one of my friends about this, and you would be amazed how many women out there actually would like to see a guy dolled up. Likened to a play doll, we can dress you anyway we want!

Next Phase: Cocksuckers and Cum Eaters

As the moon gets fuller, here come my good cocksuckers and cum eaters. Oh… the more the moon fills, the more you want to wrap your lips around a big full cock, and eat cum during that stage of the gravitational pull. I always end up having this conversation several times a week during this peak. Even my masturbating guys become more inclined to wanting to eat their own cum – whether I have them shoot it in a shot glass, spoon, what have you, sometimes, they don’t want to complete it and lose the nerve. Well, My cum sluts, I expect you to follow through this rite of passage with Me. After having a session with Me for awhile, I would expect you to do it and join the Perv Club. If you are nervous, I can ease you, relax you, and have you eventually do it.

Cuckolds Near the Full of the Moon

The next cycle are the cuckolds, as the moon begins it’s initial peak before full moon phase – you know, the men who desire to have their wives take a big black cock in front of them. I must say, the black cocks I have had are intense and watching that black skin become all shiny from the wetness of my pussy (I’m talking about that urge of cock hunting here), is the hottest visual I have ever seen. If you were to see it, it would probably make you cum on the spot.

I also get a fair amount of CBT guys during this period: clothespins, rope, ace bandages, sensation creams and special toys from the adult shops that make you scream for more. I actually love CBT and have it in my own sex life as you may have read from past blog entries.

So, as you can see, I have several years of study into this, being the experienced Mistress I am, I can recognize it.

Keep in mind, my universal space pervs, that I do text sessions, sessions over skype – and you can view my voice samples here in this blog under My Audios or sample my voice at cockcontrol.com. If you are new to Me, do some listening homework and drop me an email if you have questions.

Your Mistress, Cecilia