Have you ever tried to slow down a bit and really savor your submission experience? I mean, bypassing the cheap thrill, but really let those submissive feeling pass over you and taking your time to actually let it sink in…

As a Dominant, I try to savor those moments – and as I listen to you on the phone, or watch you on cam – I notice your body language, and I watch your breathing and listen to the words you choose to say.  My point in watching and taking in so intently is likened to a tiger in the grass – I’m waiting for that pinnacle moment to pounce on you and own you. That is patience.

Why, as a submissive, should you be patient?

We live in a world where everything is a rush. Our American culture is about now, now, now and convenience. If it’s inconvenient or takes too much time, we generally are not interested. Our attention span is likened to that of a kitten with a toy – we grow bored and we search and search until we feel we find “home”.  What if “home” is within you right now?  When you take the time to dedicate yourself to a session to a Mistress, it’s imperative you treat it as you would a time to not only take for your Mistress, but yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are into humiliation, feminization, CBT, or a long drawn out cock teasing session. You can only benefit from feeling the intensity of every submissive cell in your body as it takes over when you have the patience, and you are not in a rush.  Don’t think about where you need to be next, what you have to do later in the day, and, don’t be scared of the powerful feelings that grab hold of you.

I recently spoke to someone who said they feared to give Me control. It overwhelmed them. Face that fear and give into it. It’s powerful and it is really a stress release.

Why, as a Dominant, should I be patient?

When you do a session with Me, I listen intently to what you have to say. I prefer you to have some sort of idea what you are looking for in your call. If you do not, we will work through that – or you can fill out a questionnaire, or email Me, when you have your thoughts more together.  I like a little discussion prior to delving into a the meat of the session about who you are, especially if you are new to Me, and I always welcome new people in My life. Once I have you, and I’m in your head,  that is My time to get into your head and take over. Whatever it may be – turning you into that woman with big DD breasts, eating your own cum, or collecting all your cum and putting it into a jar to place on My shelf. Whatever it is  – your fantasy, or what you bring to life is what I end up owning, and what you end up releasing.

The Power of Patience in Your Fetish

Patience in your fetish, or submission is essential, and very much needed. When I do cock control calls, patience to cum is what makes the whole session exciting. Waiting for Me to say you can cum, or not, is what makes you sweat, and makes your heart race. Patience in cross dressing comes with understanding yourself, and taking the time to dress and mulling through what your needs and desires are when it comes to feminization. Patience in cuckoldry comes when waiting for that right moment when you watch your girlfriend taking a big cock right in front of you.  The best comes to those who wait – and this is certainly true when it comes to your submissive nature and sexual desires.

More about Me and My Sessions

I generally take calls around 7 am – 7 pm EST. Sometimes I am on later, sometimes I am not. If you are having a hard time catching Me, email Me and make an appointment.  I only prefer appointments if they are 30 minutes or longer. If you are new, and you are having a hard time understanding what you would like to have a session about – I prefer you do a little homework, or email Me briefly about what you are searching for.

Here is one of my voice samples: Interrogation

I also do text sessions via yahoo or skype. When contacting Me online, please indicate you are looking for a call or text session and you want to discuss prior. I will give a little time to go over a session with you before you call or purchase a text session.

Some Shout Outs

To B – My girl who is My “yes” girl – I got the pic of you in your “I’m a Yes Girl” T-shirt. You look positively cute.  To My loser, P,  and what we did in January – WOW! What a show! Your ex-girlfriend really did you in on cam was phenomenal and fucking hilarious. To Donna – thank you for your fun calls, and I love window shopping with you.

For the rest of you – I’m waiting for you to submit to Me, and I’m trying to be patient waiting for you…..


Mistress Cecilia

Your Mistress, H

Your Mistress, Here to Dominate You