After rolling my fingers around my juicy wet pussy, I strolled out to see how my handy work was doing as I saw you tied up there – still unable to move and pleading with me to let you go.   I saw the 3 inch drip of clear sweet pre cum dripping out of the eye of your cock, the light of the moon reflecting off it as if it was a diamond.  Well, it is my sweet diamond.

I came behind you and slowly licked your ear.  Oh,  how much that soft tongue and my moan in your ear drives you crazy.  I watched as you struggled in the bondage to get loose, and the drip on your cock slowly pooled at the head and dripped down; likened to a dew drop on a magnolia petal.  I looked at you and asked:  Do you want to fuck me again?  If you do, you have to fuck me hard because I am not sure I can orgasm anymore after rubbing my pussy for the past forty-five minutes. What?  You didn’t say that loud enough.  I walked over and pulled my panties from your mouth and reached over and squeezed the girth of your thick cock. Did you feel my nails dig in?  I looked at you menacingly and asked: Do you promise to do as I say and fuck me hard or do I leave you here until the sun peaks over the mountain tops?
Ohhhhh that is better, of course you want to fuck me again. I slowly untied you.  I let you follow me to the bed  and turning so slowly and looking deep into your eyes, I gently pushed you to your knees as I slowly sat on the edge of the bed.  I opened my legs – wearing those pure black satin string bikini panties we bought in town the other day . You know, the ones you were so hard holding in in your hand.  I told you to just stare at them look how the satin molds to my body – how you can see my full pussy lips behind that satin. I told you to watch as I rubbed my fingers along the thick elastic. Do you want what is under here.  Can you make my kitty purr?

You watched as I pulled those panties to the side and I saw the expression in your eyes as my beautiful juicy pussy almost fell from the satin material.  The pink lips parted – showing the streams of sweet cum sticking between the lips. It was so erotic, so hot and the scent of your cum and mine was in the air.  I didn’t let you move. I just stared into your eyes as you shook and your cock dripped for me and my pussy. A consideration:  Do I let you fuck me?  Do I order you to lick your cum from me?  Do I tease you and put you to bet with no release?

I thought a moment of the outcome.  I had mindblowing orgasms for days with you. It was time I denied you and I put you to bed – throbbing, aching, shaking and begging. It was time that I deny you for an entire week, maybe longer. I already had given you enough of my precious pussy, but no sense in spoiling you. Like a special dessert you receive on holidays, but crave it all year long – it was time to see if you could be my good boy as I dangled my sweet pie in front of your eyes and made you do exactly as I wanted for as long as I wanted.