Here is something that happened recently, and I want to tell you all about it. It could be the hottest experience I have had, plus, I fucking love to tease you boys that can’t have Me.  Consider this – after you read this story – consider yourselves cuckolded, teased, denied, humiliated and whatever brand of fetish you want to apply to this story.  No cocks were harmed in the making of this story, however, I bet yours is throbbing after.

I drained him three times in the course of two days.  You call Me the cum vampire. Oh, I am your Nosferatu … I love to make you weak like that before I send you home. We were in this nice upscale resort and I have to say, you made me cum very good on multiple occasions. After that third time of making you cum, though, I decided the teasing should commence – and to see if I could actually pull it off. It started off with Me wearing sexy panties, a dress to show off my legs and licking your ear as I know you love. Every man has their sweet spot and that happens to be yours. When we were at dinner, I watched your eyes scan the cute waitresses’ backside in order to get a glimpse of the panties she was wearing underneath. You really are a horny boy.

When we got back to our room, I opened up the balcony doors and there in the black velvety night hung the full moon. It was as if it was beckoning Me to put you under Her like a spotlight. As you were kissing My neck and running your hands all over my ass – I knew – you still hadn’t had enough. Feeling the hardness through your slacks, and the throbbing from within – an idea came over Me.  You sat on the metal chair on the balcony and I walked into the room to get the long 24 foot purple satin sash. I walked over to you and slowly tied your wrists to the metal arms of the chair. One you were securely tied, I whispered and licked into your ear: “My sweet man” and you moaned. The balcony overlooked a pool and we were situated on the third floor villa. Down below, guests walked past the pool and to their villas. I could see everything. The light of the moon lit up the entire resort like a ballpark and it felt as if she shone her light especially on our balcony. At any given moment, anyone could have looked up and saw us.

I decided to take off your pants.

Your hard, thick cock glistened in the light of the moon. A drip formed and oozed down. I disappeared into the room again, this time returning in a black satin tight dress and holding a few pairs of worn panties – of which, you had fucked me in days prior.  Like a kidnapper in the night, I cupped your mouth and nose with a pair of light pink soft panties – telling you to smell my scent, and lick our collective juices.  You did this in front of many people below – that may or may not have seen My deviance up above. I wasn’t paying attention – I was only focused on getting you as hard as possible. I knew you were worn out. I knew you said you couldn’t possibly get erect anymore that night – but again – you were.  After all, this was part of your fantasy – to be exposed in front of people. If it weren’t for the branches of trees covering our balcony somewhat, you would have been in the stage spotlight.  Then again, perhaps they did see your exposed cock, and the next morning – we could be having breakfast right next to those that had seen you. You just never know.  All I could focus on is making you breathe in those panties and telling you that seeing the rhinestones on the front panel glimmer in the moonlight was sexy and erotic.

I opened the french doors and lay on the bed and begin to play with My pussy. The one you used so well the last couple of days, but now, I was going to tease you without mercy. I played with her and moaned. You know how loud I can be when I moan. I’m sure, at that moment, the beautiful women and handsome gentleman probably paused to look up to see from where that sound of eroticism was coming.

So how does this story end?  Did he cum without stroking? Did I untie only one hand so I could let him cum? Or, was it something more sinister I did? I will let you know when I hear from you….

I love to tease, and I love to make it the best experience in the art of your teasing and denial sessions.

Ms Cecilia

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