Hello you Deviants,

How are you?  Are you enjoying the end of summer as we know it? I know I am. So, I wanted to let you know I will be away this weekend visiting family (I’ll be back Sunday) – but I wanted to leave you with an audio I did some time back that I found to be quite sexy and entertaining. Here it is: https://eroticaudios.com/content/Cecilia/Callingyouatwork.mp3

Enjoy that one?  You know I love to tease, don’t you?

Now then, the winner of the small dick contest is my hair monkey! I think you know who you are …. you have such a tiny cock, and, very hairy. Good lord. It’s like I have to send it search and rescue to find his little dick!

I really have enjoyed this week as I was super busy with calls, but a few, of course, stick out in particular. I have to say – I really enjoy cuckold calls. I enjoy talking about big cocks, I enjoy making fun of little ones and I have definitely enjoyed looking at pictures of what you enjoy. I had one caller who was sending me pics of the types of woman he loves … mmmmmm. Nice thick thighs and curvaceous bodies of delicious women. Thanks for that, T, that was fun!

So what I propose to you is – if you love watching porn online, or looking at pictures – I invite you to call Me so we can both look at them together. I love discussing it and making comments on it and it’s something we can share together. In addition to all that, I love coupling it with your kink – especially if you like to be teased.

I will talk to you when I return on Sunday 9/30 – until then, I invite you to listen to my audios on this blog under Erotic Audios up on top. See it? Good! That’s your assignment.

Until Sunday,

Ms Cecilia