Did you notice I can not even call them small cocks because a cock at least means it is worthy of a roll around in the hay?

I have had such a huge amount of small dick humiliation losers calling me lately and the tiny weeny one I saw the other day ( yes pudge you know who you are) still has me laughing.  What I am proposing is a competition of the smallest dick! Yes, you heard that right – where most competitions are to win by great accomplishments –  this one is for hard core losers.

For the next 10 days, I am running a competition to see who has the smallest dick in LDW land.  The rules of engagement are a 20 min call minimum along with either a photo of your pathetic dick meat, or if you have the balls actually show me your little dick on cam.  I will take copious notes of size and how much of a loser you really are with women.  After 10 days, I will announce the winner here on my blog for you to show off.  Each of you will have to give me a pet name to go by as I can not release your real name on the blog. Nor will I post your small dick pics. Who wants to see that anyway? Only Me, of course, because I’m a sadistic Mistress who loves to tease and laugh…..

Now just so we are clear….I love a big thick cock. There is nothing more intense and overwhelming like being stretched by a thick juicy cock-  my eyes rolling into the back of my head – the screams from my sensual voice – the power I let that cock have over me. These are things you will never experience, your best chance to be noticed is by winning the smallest dick contest. LOSER!

For the rest of my fetish deviants, let’s roll,  I have been having fun exploring new kinks in My personal time and am all dialed up to see what you kinksters have brewing in those creative brains of yours.  To my good loyal callers thank you for all the fun and exploration you have shared with me, you are are the best! Let’s have a fun Sextember!


Ms Cecilia