Hello All My Fetish Sluts, Kinksters, Subs …. and everyone else!

Chastity – I have had a lot of requests for this lately. What’s up with that? The girls of summer driving you so nuts that you can’t keep your hands off your own cock? Don’t get me wrong, I take great pleasure in locking you up – but I find the timing amusing!

What has been going on in Cecilia Land? Lots of bad, naughty things as usual…. I’d provide you with all the juicy details, but, I don’t have time to write a chapter today.

But I will tell you about the different calls I have had as of late, and enjoy. I love cuckold calls! I love the roleplay that comes along with it, and I do enjoy when you ENJOY it yourself. So if you are into cuckold – I’m your girl for it. Also, teasing and denial. Love it. I have also enjoyed placing you in scenarios in which you feel you are right there – where you can get lost in the moment and forget where you actually are.

Now if you are new to Me, keep in mind you can fill out a questionnaire that is located in this blog. If you can’t find it, hit me up on yahoo at mistress_cecilia_dominates or skype at MsCecilia2011 and I’ll send you the link. Also, I give tours of LDW and everything we have here – if you are new, or unaware of everything we have to offer here – contact Me online and I’d be happy to assist you.

Ms Cecilia