I can’t believe January is almost over, but with that, I have to tell you:

I was very, very, very naughty for Christmas.

Like many of you, my callers, I, too, live with deep fantasies that I spend many nights masturbating and wanting to come true. I have had this one now for 8 years or so. I saw it in a porno years ago and I ended up masturbating so hard to it that night it has, to a degree, become my dragon – my desired fantasy obsession. What is it?

Well I always wanted to know what it would feel like to be double penetrated at once, yes a cock anally, and a cock in my pussy- with all of us moaning and cumming together. Toys just don’t fill the need for real cock. Well my man knew of this and we went back and forth for sometime on it, would it be hot? Could he be ok with another guy’s cock in me? For Christmas he made my wish come true…but of course…. there was a stipulation.

I have had my share of cock and god knows I have seen a lot of cock on cam, but my guy has one of the thickest I have ever had. When we have sex, I am cumming within seconds of being stretched by that thick animal, but it is rough for me to take anally. So in his condition, the stranger (which we would later meet in a bar, and later got to know a bit) could slide his cock into my pussy – wearing a condom of course – but he was taking the ass and showing no mercy. This was a little of a mind fuck for me as I wanted this, but knew he would stretch my ass. Could I handle it, would it be too painful? I was so turned on yet so nervous my stomach in knots yet my clit tingling and I agreed. I was anxious to be doubly pleasured.

The mixture of trust, a fantasy coming true and the feeling of two cocks in me at the same time fucking me like crazy sent me over the edge over and over – I think I might even have passed out for a little it was that intense. This fantasy I craved for years was coming true, god I am so fucking wet writing this, I must have masturbated 30 times to the scene since then.

I am sharing my little world, because I get many new callers who are so nervous about really sharing that fantasy they have held in for years. I know you have fantasies kneeling for a strong woman as she whispers in your ear: “Go ahead, it’s ok to take that thick throbbing black cock into your mouth, feel it pass through your lips my little cock sucker”. But, even then, they are still afraid to let it all go. Many of my long time callers still get nervous sharing their kinky secrets.

Just like my man who wanted to know my fantasies and I trust him with them – in return, he makes them come true. I am that special mistress for you…your kinky fantasies are so safe with me, it is just you and me, and I will do all I can to help you finally get that monkey that is on your back off and into that sexually free state. Whether it is my cocksuckers, My wonderful cucks, the pretty cross dressers, my humiliation boys or my cbt and pain sluts from one hard core kinkster to the other, let’s play! I shared one of my deep fantasies turned reality – now it is your turn to let go or maybe you want to know another one of mine.

Happy new year to all! Let’s make this one a peaceful, prosperous and sexually freeing one for all!

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Ms Cecilia