Hello everyone,

I have been so busy the end of summer, I didn’t get the chance to update much. Although, I did have a very interesting long call the other day with a masturbator that I felt I had to write about. His name is Kevin, and he was telling Me how much he loves to masturbate and we went through various role plays during the call – which I actually found enjoyable. I love callers who engage, who offer themselves to Me in ways that they can communicate and tell Me what is in the deep crevices in your mind. It’s true I have heard just about everything in this business, but, what makes it for Me if those who are excited about what they do, it excites me as well!  Anyhow, Kevin was particularly excited about talking about masturbating, in which, I pointed out: “I think you like masturbating more than you do the act of having sex”… as well as “You even love the word ‘masturbation'”.  Of course, he agreed.

I have recently put Myself up on coachedcumeating.com, as well as various other sites – such as UK sites. If you are a UK caller, we have many sites for you to look at now. As far as cum eating, I know ways I can get you to do it.

If you are interested in a call with me, please fill out the questionnaire that I posted up a couple of blog posts back. You can also do skype calls with Me at :  MsCecilia2011.

A thing about skype though, don’t call before you have purchased a session, I obviously won’t answer. You can also do text sessions with Me as well via yahoo and skype – so do not forget about text sessions via sexytexting.com!

A note about Halloween: I love this time of year because this is when many of the cross dressers love to come out and talk about what they are going to be! It’s just fun to talk about!

Until next time,

Ms Cecilia