Hello all my deviants,

I’ve decided to construct my own questionnaire for those who haven’t done a call with me before, or if you have and it’s been awhile since we had a session – then, you might be delighted to fill this out so that I can get in your dirty little minds a little more!

Please copy and paste this questionnaire into your email, and email it to me at cecilia@enchantrixempire.com

So here we go:

1) What type of Mistress do you seek?:

a) A sensual, sultry Mistress who will slink into my mind like a satin sheet and carry me away.
b)A mean Mistress who is harsh, and degrades me.
c)One who gives me instructions and gives me assignments, but, is more my counselor than anything.
d) An intellectual one who is 10 steps ahead of me, and interrogates me for the naughty slut I am

2) What is your fetish/ desire?

a)Tease and denial – mostly teasing, I love to cum.
b) Tease and denial – I really want to be denied by you, but beg and grovel
c) Feminization – cross dressing. I have always wanted to be a woman!
d) Feminization – I’m more of a sissy who loves to prance around and be made fun of.
e)Coerced cock sucking. I’m a cock slut, please make me!
f) CBT – cock and ball torture
g) Cum eating. I desire and want to eat my own cum, or another man’s cum.
h) Cuckoldry – please cuckold me!
i) Foot fetish
j) Humiliation – please humiliate me for my weaknesses and depravities.
Other fetish/desire – please explain in detail below:

3) What does control mean to you?  Explain (and don’t say I like to be told what to do):

4)What time do you generally like to make calls to Mistresses?

5) Do you like to set up your call on IM/ email? Would you like for me to contact you? If so, please put your contact info here:

6) Do you like real time instruction? More fantasy based calls? Or a combination of both?

7) Would you like assignments in between our sessions?

8) Your favorite kind of music? (I had to break the monotony)

9) How long of calls do you like to make?

10) Any other details you would like to provide about yourself? Indulge me below:




11)  Would you like to be viewed on cam? (I view clients on yahoo :  mistress_cecilia_dominates, or on skype: mscecilia2011



12) Do you prefer calls through dispatch, calls through yahoo or skype or text sessions?


Thank you for filling it out! I look forward to getting into your minds more! xoxoxoxo Cecilia