For my birthday, my man got us a couple day trip to New York City, god, how I love the big apple.  We stayed in the “porno hotel” over that new elevated park in Manhattan.  Our first night set the tone for the trip…

He loves to have his balls tied bound and stretched, so this time I secured him to the bed  so I could have my way.  God did I stretch his balls, (by the way, his cock is perfect not so big that it’s uncomfortable just the perfect size to make a mistress like me purr).  I teased his cock with the red satin panties I wore and I swear he was the hardest I had ever seen.  His veins popping his pre cum dripping his cock a deep red when I put my hand around it I could feel his heart beat.

I heard his grunts, looked in his eyes I was dripping to get fucked he looked like a caged animal.  I cut him loose and he fucked me like there was no tomorrow I came so much I almost passed out, he fucks me that good.  But my fetish is his cum and he knows this I love to feel it land on me, he pulled my limp body by my hair to the window and smiled as he stroked his cock and shot stream after stream of cum on my face as he made me rub my pussy and cum one more time in front of NYC… I just sat on my knees in a daze as I felt it drip down my face. Yes, my man is a real man – he knows what I love.

On our flight back we talked in detail about it as we always do and it got me to wonder.  All my boys I play with here  run the mill: cbt/pain junkies, cock suckers, sissies, cross dressers, cum eaters, tease denial, it is all tied one way or another into your cumming and cum…I told you my fetish with cum I am dying to hear you share your secrets with Me.