When you live in sin city – one of the perks is the chance to head down to the strip and take in a show.  Luckily I got tickets for my girlfriends and me the other night and what a treat it turned out to be.

After the show, and a few drinks, I headed to the bathroom. For some reason, I accidentally walked into the men’s room, opened a stall,  and was surprised to see a cock sucker going down on a rather well endowed man.

Having had the pleasure of spending time with so many of you closest cock suckers – I knew that closing the door was not an option.  I got closer to him lowered my head and through my blood red lips whispered in his ear to take that cock deeper, you should have seen his response. God. He was so turned on.  Looking up, I noticed the other guy staring at my cleavage. I smiled, and told him to cum….and he did -  splashing the mouth and the face of the cock sucker.  I gave a wicked laugh as I turned on my heels. The last thing I saw was cum dripping from his lips.

When I got home,  I unbuttoned and unzipped my black pin striped slacks and let them fall, as I pulled down the coral pink Elle Macpherson satin and lace panties over my thighs. I was amazed to notice how wet I was as I did pull down the panties to mid thigh….I smiled as I played with the wetness wondering if the cock sucker was still playing with the strand of cum on his lips….

So tell me – would you have rather licked my panties? Or sucked a cock for Mistress Cecilia?