I have talked to you on the phone for years. That deep, sexy voice and how you just love to be teased – and I know you love it when I sit on your face and make you worship Me. I sent you to the store the other day for toys, and you came back with a fleshlight of which you said you enjoyed. Did you enjoy that on your cock? I always wondered what you looked like, then, I saw you – on cam yesterday – and wow, what a good looking man. I said you looked like Keiffer Sutherland, or Dennis Quaid. Which gave me even more inspiration to tease you – because, I’m sure women prey on you all the time – always wanting you to cum right away, but not me. I love to tease, and will always love to tease and deny you. You know that, right T?  It was enjoyable way to spend a cloudy Sunday morning in Las Vegas – watching you masturbate on cam, and connecting in that way.  Thank you, T. Now, it’s time to whip out the toys you got – and use them for me on cam next. I told you, I am a voyeur, and it’s true. I get off on watching.  Next time, I will have to masturbate as you listen and I watch.

To all my older callers: thank you for sticking around all this time, and letting me into your lives. I have fun with all of you, and to have you around is a blessing. Yes, I get busy and do try to keep up with e-mails, messages, calls and will continue to do so. My only thing that I have witnessed over the years working for this fabulous empire is some might get a little in over your head and unable to separate emotion from what is to be a fun time. The experience I offer can be intense, and it can be a whirlwind of emotion – and that is the experience I want you to have. However, I want this to be fun,  I want to be your erotic therapist and I’m here to provide fantasy, along with erotic instruction. I enjoy my callers, and I hope we talk for years to come.

In other news, please keep checking my blog for updates to a fun, new experience I will be offering that will be unveiled in the future. For now, I’m educating myself about it and will promise to be quite an adventure.

Also, check out teasemania.com for new audios I am posting up.  Especially this one:  https://eroticaudios.com/content/Cecilia/boundanddripping.mp3


Ms Cecilia