Masculinity in Panties – the audio version.

You came to me sometime ago. You’re so masculine. You train in karate, own your business that has you rubbing shoulders with musicians, celebrities, politicians and power brokers. You’re calm, you’re fun and you’re confident…….you’re actually that man that makes other guys jealous and makes even a Mistress like me drip with desire.

We spoke overtime about your fetish until that one night, a year ago, after a long day, and I’m sure you had a few drinks, you told me “Cecilia I want to be exposed”. I just listened and never spoke of it again.

A year later as you told me where you were staying in Chicago, I planned our panty shopping trip…yes, that is your weakness panties -feeling, wearing and stroking with them….but this time unbeknownst to you – the trap was set.

I sent you to Victoria’s Secret- first to walk in those sheer deep pink panties I had you wear – that aroused you so much. You were forced to touch the materials and the elastic that arouses you in the store itself – running your fingers all along the fabrics of different panties. Your cock getting hard as you described panties to me over the phone, but no, you were not buying the overproduced panties here- you wanted something special.

We then walked to that small boutique store, you describing the building as you climbed the stairs- you had to knock on the door the owner Lisa met you but she was busy doing a bra fitting and had you sit and wait.

Once the client left she introduced herself, it was just you, her and me on the phone as you got exposed In front of her. Yes I called and told her you wanted panties and I got to listen as your voice cracked as she made you describe the style you liked to wear…god that moment was so hot for me…

You found the burgundy pair and she sized you and you said you would take them and the words came out…130 dollars please, which you paid Lisa without hesitation.

You ran back to the hotel to show me on cam, god – they were sexy. I had you stroke and edge and on the 5th edge you broke down in tears -thanking me for freeing that desire from your soul, exposing you was a freedom and you felt you could go on to conquer even greater things….I will be watching you from afar, and I know you will.

Fantasy role play is exciting. Controlling the cock is powerful. But when I get a chance to make fantasy become reality, I not only get to control the cock but also the emotion – which makes this mistress become wet. That night I found myself rubbing my pussy through a pair of burgundy panties replaying that crack in your confident voice as I orgasmed over and over. Who wants to help Mistress Cecilia cum next?