Hello everyone,

Forgive Me for My absence as of late – I have been being a very naughty girl doing very naughty things in My life – and I’d love to have the time to write about all of it, but, I’m afraid that might turn into a novel.

Now, I know some of you love panties – whether on you, or on Me. For the sake of this blog entry though, I’m writing about an experience I had recently. I would assume this would appeal to some of you panty fetishists, cuckolds and the like. Anyhow, the other night, I had on some black satin bikini panties under this mid-thigh skirt I was wearing. These black satin panties felt so good against my skin – soft, with a lace trim around the top. Also, a little gold heart medallion hanging right in the front. I was feeling super sexy wearing those, and that evening, I had some awesome sex. This guy has an amazing cock – it’s huge, and thick and I swear, the most gorgeous cock I have EVER laid eyes on. I absolutely worship it. It’s as if it was sculpted by an artist – so perfect. Anyhow … what was I saying? Oh right. The black satin panties. So after I was satisfied – having about 5 orgasms from this beautiful cock – I left his place and came back home. When I got back inside and to change for the evening – I noticed this nice, white, creamy HUGE load dripping from Me and into the black crotch of the panties. I have to say, it was truly erotic, hot, and amazing to have his cum dripping inside of them and from me. Eat your hearts out, cuckolds and panty boys – also, the ones with the little cocks who couldn’t satisfy Me EVER! Eat your hearts out.

Want to hear more? Oh yes – I’ve got more juicy details to this story, but I’m not going to publish it – then, give Me a call. I’d be glad to fill you in.