Hello SSS fans,

Tomorrow night at 10 pm EST on Strange Sex Saturday: www.talkshoe.com/tc/15679 – Ms Ivy will be special guest on the show. Tune in for all the strange news, crimes of passion facts, and all the strangeness that is Strange Sex Saturday!

Onto some juicy tidbits – today, a caller of mine – Mr. BMW I’ll call him – was stark naked wearing a harness around his cock and proceeded to go outside where he knows a sexy neighbor of his loves to watch It seems it’s a direct view to him from her window, and no one else can see. Oh, what a pervert – seriously. I watched him on cam the whole time too. He’s such an exhibitionist. It was fantastic to see him sitting on top of his BMW bike with nothing but his black boots on, and a harness wrapped around his cock! Thanks, Mr. BMW, for the great show….

It’s been a pleasure going on some shopping sprees with some of you who have let Me “come along” in a sense to the stores and pick out things for you. Calling Me from a department store as you talk to the sales lady, and pretend we are an item is quite a thrill for Me. I like to direct you on what panties to buy, or bras as you cruise the store hoping no one else finds out that these items are actually for you. Ah, to be a sissy ….

Did you know that we now have an erotic audio store up at enchantrixempire.com ? Oh yes! Go and check it out – I think I have a few old ones there for purchase and am currently on getting new material up. Want to hear your erotic script read by Me? Submit your scripts to Me and I will consider recording!

See you tomorrow at Strange Sex Saturday at 10 pm EST