Hi everyone,

Tonight, Mistress Cassidy is going to be on Strange Sex Saturday – so be sure to stop by at 10 pm EST on talkshoe.com/tc/15679. Before that, stop by her show at cockradio.com – starting around 9 pm EST on her show: “Dare to Dance”! See you there, deviants.

Do You Love the Taste of Creamy Cum?

How’s that for a title? I recently got into a discussion with one of My callers about more and more men wanting to savor the flavor of their own ejaculate. It seems that I get more and more naughty men who want to do this – and My whole philosophy is: If chicks do it, why can’t you? Time to catch up with the times, boys!  So if you want to sample some of your delectable man cream, hit Me up, I’ll give you some good recipes.

Dominating From Las Vegas, and Lots of New Submissives

This week flew by fast! I have met some great, new fabulous callers – and I’ve had a lot of fun this week! Granted, I love My regular callers who have a special place in My kinky heart. You know you always have a place to go to for sexual refuge. I am looking to build some consistent, and exciting relationships with new guys because I think that’s how you can really get into someone’s head: consistency, and keeping in touch.

Balls in a Bind? It’s Because Mistress Cecilia was Here.

Spent a fabulous two days with one of My guys who came in from the shadows after being gone for awhile. He wore panties everywhere he went, and he was out of town, so he was calling Me from a bar in panties and a cock ring, and I had him buy erotic sex toys, rope, cock rings and we had a fun time in his hotel room as I watched him on cam. It felt as if I was really there and we went over a fantasy roleplay coupled with real time instructions. Oh, I think My little ball-bound bitch loved it. Didn’t you?

Strange Sex Saturday: Be there Bitches!

You know you want to hang with Mistress Cecilia and also Mistress Cassidy tonight – what else do you have to do? Clear your schedule because we’re going to be there to blow your mind as we get to know the sexy Mistress Cassidy! See you there at talkshoe.com/tc/15679!

It’s been a fun week and it flew by!