Hello all my naughty readers,

I wanted to update you on whats been going on in my neck of the woods – we now have an event every Tuesday going on called “Temptation Tuesday”.  Every Tuesday is a mystery hour, so here are the details to read about how to get a free phone sex call:

We’re all about the fun here at LDW/Enchantrix, and we’ve schemed up something really fun for everyone starting on Tuesday, May 25th, and going through the end of June (at least!)

Every Temptation Tuesday, there will be one “Mystery Hour”. Everyone who calls during Mystery Hour gets a credit for a free call in the future, equal to the amount of the call done during Mystery Hour.

Earn a Free Call if you Call During “Mystery Hour”

For example: You make a 30 minute call at 330pm on Temptation Tuesday. You find out the next day that the 3pm Eastern Time hour was selected as Mystery Hour, and we post a credit for you for 30 free minutes for a future call.

How do we decide which hour is Mystery Hour?

Of course it would be no fun if we knew up front which hour was going to be Mystery Hour, so we brainstormed to find the perfect way to make Mystery Hour TOTALLY random, and we came up with this:

Ms Ann hosts a Cock Radio show every Tuesday night at Midnight Eastern Time. So at the end of Temptation Tuesday, at 12 midnight (sharp!), everyone who’s still up will gather in the Cock Radio Chat Room at Community Kink. The Mystery Hour will be determined by the number of chatters in the room at *exactly* 12am Eastern Time. Ann will have the final say in how many chatters are in the room on her screen at the Magic Moment!

If there are 1 – 24 chatters in the room, it’s easy to figure out: 1 chatter = 1am EST, 10 chatters = 10am EST, 18 chatters = 6pm EST (Military Time)

If there are more than 24 chatters, we’ll do it like this: 25 chatters = 2 + 5 = 7 and that = 7am eastern time. Scroll all the way down on this page for the full list of free hour translations.

I Missed Chat! How do I Find Out if I get a Free Call?

If you’re not able to attend the chat, feel free to email ally@voxerotic.com, call our Customer Service Center at 800 356 6169, or come see us at Live Help and we’ll let you know if your call took place during Temptation Tuesdays’ Mystery Hour!


So there you have it! I’ll here from you on Tuesdays so you have your chance to win a free call!

Now, I had a blast in Lake Tahoe and now I’m back and refreshed.  I’m gearing up for another summer and I have another birthday coming up in June – on June 7 to be exact – so be sure to wish your Mistress a Happy Birthday!

I am looking for a new, sexy, steamy script to post up at teasemania.com, so if you have one lying around – send it my way! I’d love to record it.

I have some openings for some summer training still available – meaning, I am looking for those who are wanting training in any kind of way – whether it be cuckold, cock control, feminization training or any kind of training you seek. Your Mistress has got it!  For those that I am training right now, I have had an absolute blast with you!

Also, don’t forget you can always reach me for a session through our click to call feature if you are not wanting to be on hold via the main dispatch line.

So CLICK HERE to call me!

For an erotic phone session with Mistress Cecilia, call 800-601-6975
Must be 18+
Calls are $2.50 per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
Discreetly billed to your credit card