Hello my cock control strokers and habitual masturbators: I made another wager – listen here.

I bet that you can’t survive that one either – oh, my poor little wankers!

Anyhow, I’m around all week to take your phone sex calls, and I think my next audio will be on small cock humiliation and something to do with the Olympics, because honestly, I think some of you deserve some kind of medal because I can’t believe what comes across my e-mail inbox, and on web cam. Wow. Such itty, bitty, clitties! Really!

What else? Yesterday, I had the biggest whore and I invented a new day just for him – Semen Sucking Sunday. Yep. He had already had Super Fag Friday – so I added another day to his agenda. Gotta keep my sissy whores busy, right? No need thinking you are a real man who is doing “manly” things – that wouldn’t make sense! The universe would be completely out of order!

Oh yes! Click to call. In case those of you would rather handle your own billing, you can can now call me through here: CLICK HERE to call Me! Unfortunately, this only works in the U.S., so you international wankers will have to still go through the dispatch services, which isn’t so bad, is it? They are nice ladies!

I’m off to the chatroom to see what is going on with all the sissies and cock control guys, and the occasional cuckold. Talk to you all later! Be naughty!

Ms Cecilia