Hi my stroking boys. Got a little bet for you – what do you think? Listen here: https://eroticaudios.com/content/Cecilia/IBet.mp3

Miss me yet? I bet you do. I bet you are stroking right now, and if you are, My little pets … well.. STOP IT. I’m a cock control Princess, and I don’t want you stroking those cocks, clits, small dicks or whatever you have in your pants.

I’ll tell you when I want you to cum. It will be evil, and it will be delicious.

My Buffy came back around today, and oh, how he loves it when I post up in my blog about him. He’s a loser, and he loves to be called that too.

What else? Oh yes – Candy, my new stripper who loves to cross dress and do whatever I tell her, and Mr. A who wants to have his cock controlled on a regular basis. I’m loving my new fans and followers, and I knew it was a matter of time before my plan would take effect.. and it’s working. My plans for mass Mistress world domination is unfolding! muhahahah!

Things are going well – I recently got addicted to South Park. I’m only 13 years behind times, but better late then never, right?

Phone is ringing, another phone sex call awaits, and I must go – talk to you all soon, and tell me that you lost the bet. Because I’m damn sure you did.

Mistress Cecilia