Hi everyone!

It’s been awhile, and I will updating in my blog more in the weeks to come. I have been working on getting some new audio content up, and will be doing so in the days to come – so keep checking over at teasemania.com. Make sure you check them out because I guarantee they will make your cock super hard – and I mean super hard! Super duper hard ..

Anyhow, I had a great Valentine’s Day and I was spoiled – thank you very much. I took the day off, but now I am back to take your calls. Which reminds me, I had some pretty good calls today so far – Masturbating Idiot struck again, and he was able to down a orange creamsicle cum delight in his afternoon shake. And of course, my bouncy boy who loves to talk about how girlie he can become. It’s all such a feast for my ears and I laugh about all of it. I love my job – it provides such entertainment to me!

The other day – Anna sissy doll came around again and told me what kind of naughty adventures she’s been up to. Always a slut who is willing to please!

I am missing some of my other callers of whom I have not heard from in awhile – if you are my regulars, you know who you are.

I have been looking forward to spring in the worst way – but I can’t complain living in the Mojave desert and that I got no snow this year at all. However, there were plenty of rainy and gray days. It will be 66 degrees and I will be able to take out those short skirts and wear them when I go out on the strip.

Look for those audios, boys, and send me script ideas if you have anything that is unique and hot!

Until next time – Ms Cecilia