Halloween is coming, and you know what that means – the Vampires are going to be out on My show tonight for Strange Sex Sunday at talkshoe.com/tc/15679.  I will be talking about the Vampire fetish that will be there to suck the blood right out of you, and also, I bring you news and take your calls right there on talkshoe.

The show has been really taking off, and this past week, I got over 200 downloads! So keep downloading, and keep listening because there are certainly more things to come!

This week has been great – lots of things accomplished, and I am still training My new circuit guy who is currently wading his way across the big sea of tease and denial and getting through all the Mistresses. It certainly is an obstacle course of trying to get through all the Mistresses, assignments and all the distractions of being in a perpetual state of arousal.  Of course, all I can do is laugh and tease some more!

I think tease and flat out denial is a humbling experience because you simply can’t cum when you want to, and you are at the mercy of a beautiful, dominant woman who is going to call the shots with you cumming or not.

I will be around for calls today before the show – so call Me for a session at 88-737-8345

Ms Cecilia