Hi everyone,

Oh talkshoe. What a pain in My arse. It was not able to record last night’s show, but I had someone in the room who was able to record it. Hopefully, I can get it uploaded at some point.  I would think that next week’s show should be back to normal and back to recording. So, those who download the show – don’t despair – future downloadable shows are on the way!

I chose last night’s topic – which is going to be humiliation.  I want to go over what humiliation is, and who enjoys it. Such as, how do you like to be humiliated? I can think of a number of ways to humiliate a person – and make them feel as if they will jizz their pants – which of course, would be humiliating in of itself.

I love to feminize, I also love to make one drink their own cum, I love forced bi and I do love to cuckold to humiliate as well. I also sent some out to be humiliated in public – much to their shock and excitement.  I highly suggest you watch what you wish for before calling in for humiliation 😉

Anyhow, had a fun call this morning in which I played someone’s boss and he teased and denied for a whole hour before I let him release. The idea was that if he did cum before time was up, he would lose his job. That’s what happens when Ms Cecilia is your boss and she’s looking hot around your office – you can’t concentrate, then when it comes time for your job review, she makes you stroke and stroke and pant and sweat – until you can’t take it anymore. I love to tease and deny!

I’m around all week doing tours and taking your calls – so I will be looking for you!

Ms Cecilia