Hello Chastity Lovers!

If you are curious about chastity, and want to learn about the history of it – even if you do not want to have your cock locked up – this is the show for you! Tune in on Sunday night at 9 pm EST on talkshoe.com/tc/15679 !   I will see you at the communitykink.com chatroom.

To hear my voice about chastity – you can  find it here.

What is going on besides me researching chastity, and finding strange sex new articles?  Well, I’m having phone sex of course! Not only that – I have embarked on a new geneaology project that has kept Me super busy!  I’m related to ancient kings and queens of Scotland and France, and I have thought that this is going to keep me busy for years to come.  I just KNEW I was of some royal blood.  I mean, come on – I’m a Princess!

I’m assuming this is where My fierceness comes in as well as My need to RULE over the kingdom of cocks.  I believe that William the Lion would be quite proud that his descendants is now embarking on controlling cocks on a daily basis!

On to other news – if you are a newcomer to My blog – or even if you are a frequent reader – if you want a TOUR of LDW and all we have to offer – by all means, come to Me and I will give you a tour. If you come across a newbie in the chat room, then send him to Me if he is lost and confused and think he took a weird left turn in Albuquerque.

I will see on you on the phones tomorrow – and on my radio show!

Ms Cecilia