Just like the Simon and Garfunkel song – I am breaking your heart, I’m testing your confidence daily.

And now, I’d like to present to you a menu of my specialities, if you will, to suit all of your whorish palettes.  So below, you will see My specials – cooked up just for you, and I’ll tag this as a page and link that you all can link to periodically.

Cock Control Games

I am the inventor of the one and only Ace Cock High game. (working title). A card game where the numbers are drawn and making you stroke to that number. Watch out for the ace! It’s a doozy and if you cum, you LOSE.

Also, hurdling and counting. I’m sure some of you remember when I fucked with your cock so much, you thought your balls would explode.


Remember that time I made you go out to the front porch and jerk it even when neighbors passed by?  Or that time I laughed hysterically when I saw your little cock on webcam for the first time. My god, those were some good times. Or how about that time when I made you eat your cum, or made you buy that dildo JUST to compare it to your little bitty clitty.  That was awesome. Let’s do it again.  But, my favorite was when I made you cum on your own face via webcam. I loved it when you went through that drive thru wearing nothing but a pair of panties and had to order a happy meal.

Goddess Worship

I love it when I am your centre of worship. You build a shrine to me. I’m in your dreams. I haunt you. In the middle of the night – you cry out for Me to release you, but you know I won’t.  Your soul is so much more important to Me, and not only that, I have successfully trained you to give Me an orgasm when you’re in between My legs doing what you do best.  I love your prayers to Me.

Chastity Training

I have locked up cocks and taken away the keys. Yes, I provide distance training, and yes I have a plan implemented to take control of your cocks. I have done it, and will continue to do so. I love to collect cocks.


I do feminization and approach it in several ways – from a therapy standpoint, and sometimes in a forced femme type of way.  It really depends on what you want since I deal with all kinds of gurls. I aide it everything from clothes, make-up, and everything that is involved with being a girl.

Forced Bi

I aide, guide, and force my way into your mind to make you love cock. And all the things that come with that, including loving another man’s jizz. Yes, I said jizz. What of it?

Cock Control

Masturbation techniques – I have 101 ways for you to stroke your cock. And we’ll implement other tools if necessary, and toys too to aide in the pleasure of your masturbation session. I love to edge. I will edge you until your balls turn blue because I love to do that. It depends on how much control you are willing to give up to Me.

Sensual Teasing

Yes, I am sensual. I love to tease, taunt and make you crazy, and I softly giggle whilst doing it too. Mistresses get turned on too, you know.


But I also love to administer pain if you are willing to be my voodoo doll. CBT (cock and ball torture) is beautiful, and elegant if used with the right tools.  I love to play you and pluck you like a fine fiddle.

Strapon Training

Ass slut? Want to be one? I’ve popped more cherries than Ron Jeremy.  Bend over.

Erotic Audios

Giantess/Specialized Fantasy Roleplay

I have done all sorts of fetish roleplay – you name, I have heard of it. I am an educated Mistress in the Fetish Arts. Truly. I have a degree in it.  Dr. Cecilia will be seeing you for your therapy session now.


I am quite positive I am forgetting some things. However, you can see the broad menu I have to offer. Tuck the napkin in your shirt – because you will be doing a lot of drooling.

Ms Cecilia


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