It was nice seeing some of the Mistresses in Las Vegas and meeting those I had never met before like Mistress Natalie, Mistress Ann and Mistress Olivia. I had a lot of fun hanging out on the strip with all them! It was also nice seeing all the other Mistresses I have met before.

And wow – what about Michael Jackson, eh?  That came as a shock to me and I really liked him when I was a little girl – once he started getting weird, well, like a lot of us – I lost interest.   I really think that a lot of you – especially you sissies should dress up and dance to his old music!  That’s how we should remember him, I think.  I wonder how many of you have been glued to the television since yesterday watching this unfold – I know I was!

Anyhow – back to basics. I will be taking calls this weekend – if you have serious inqueries , cock control training, feminization – just hit me up on my instant messenger and we can discuss your training program, your fantasies or whatever you may like.  I will be around all weekend and will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Also, if you have any custom erotic recordings that you want made – be sure to contact me and we can discuss it. I just sent out a recording out to Canada today, and will be recording another one soon to send out to a sissy.

Until then – no cumming, and no dancing to Michael Jackson unless you are going to do it for me on cam in your best lingerie and panties. And I mean that!!

Ms Cecilia