I went to a show last night – Crazy Horse – for those of you who haven’t been to the show – it really is the ultimate tease and denial show.  It’s of nude girls dancing and dressed very provactively with lingerie – I had a good time watching.  One scene in particular was of a girl’s ass and her legs only – and she was slowly shaking her ass – plus, slowly taking down her panties but never, ever revealing her pussy to the crowd. She was only acting like she was about to – and, how ironic, that the actual act itself was called “Teasing”.   If you want to really be teased, and ultimately denied and you are in Las Vegas – go to the MGM Grand, and buy tickets for “Crazy Horse” and sit in the debaucherous looking red room and wait until the room gets super dark – and then, watch the girls appear on the stage – exposing their pert tits and perfect asses ….

Oh you know you love the idea of it, don’t you?

Of course you do.  As I sat there last night in the dark, watching these beautiful nude women, I couldn’t help but wonder – how many wankers have actually sat in this red room with the red velvet chairs and wanked away under the tables?  I mean, it’s had to have happened!

I think that sounds like a good roleplay, and an upcoming erotic audio idea!

Want to be cock teased and denied Cecilia style?  I am the Teasing Temptress – so remember that – and your balls are sure to tighten up, and you’re sure to break out into a nice little sweat.

Warning:  make sure your heart is in good working order.