Hello My Cuckold Sluts,

I recently did an audio about fucking your boss – should be a fine listen for those of you who are into cuckold fantasies and the like, you can listen to it here.    I do love fantasies about cuckolding, and making you watch as I take a very big cock inside of Me – a place I never let you go visit, right?  Enjoy!

Speaking of erotic audios, I want to thank some recent writers in contributing their scripts to Me. Well done!  You know what I might like to see is more of a personal experience you may have had – and reading your story anonymously to our audience. Captivating right?  It’s like NPR for the fetish crowd.  Think, you know, Ira Glass – but really, Me, reading your story – I think it might be interesting.  If you are interested in contributing your written story to me – do so, I will piece it together and record it.  Sort of like a confessional – and it doesn’t matter what the topic is.  So, please submit your written true stories to Me at MistressCecilia@gmail.com.

Onto other things -  I’m finding it fascinating how I’m able to grip My claws more and more into the minds of others.  I love mindfuckery.  It’s an art.  I’m finding it absolutely delightful in how others love to call Me back and have Me control their lives – and their puny, pathetic, wormy cocks — or big, monstrous ones. Either way, I make sure that you don’t have any say so over that appendage that hangs between your legs.  Tempting, right?  Tempting to give yourself to Me in such a way and you know you want to.

So give in.

Ms Cecilia