Hey you cocksuckers,


I just put up another round of Guess the Mistress Game up on the teasemania.com forum, and hopefully this one is a little easier – go check it out!  The instructions are there, and I’m afraid, as I already reported – that no one won the last round at all. One came very close, but didn’t get all them correct. In fact, he missed it by one.  I’m hoping to get tons more participation, so go on and trek over there and write down your guesses and e-mail them to Me at MistressCecilia@gmail.com.

What else? You know what I need? More scripts for erotic audios – so if any of you writers with vivid kinky imaginations want me to record your script – then send it to Me. I’d be glad to record it and upload it on the teasemania.com forum.  Go check that out anyway, it’s got tons of great audios, games and all kinds of things going on.

You know what I would like ot hear from some of you? I’d like to hear about your most humiliating experiences.  E-mail them to Me at MistressCecilia@gmail.com and just tell Me what assignments you have been given that are the most exciting and humiliating – all wrapped into one.   I love humiliation.  Whether you put yourself in that situation or another Mistress gave you the assignment (or I did) – e-mail it to Me, your story, so I can have a good laugh. It’s out of sheer curiosity.

Now stop drooling over Obama for a moment, and give Me a call – then you can resume in your drool, but with the feeling that you satisfied Ms Cecilia.

Ms Cecilia