I can’t believe it will soon be 2009, and already I look forward to this year to starting out the new year the right way – dominating all of you! That’s right, I’m going to dominate all of you cock strokers, pansy asses, chastity lovers and everyone else in between.  Everyone is going to be dominated by Me in 2009 – I’m doing a whole world domination thing by force – so watch it!

Anyhow, Christmas was nice, and now I’m back to torture all of you again. Some say I’m sweet, some say I’m tough – I guess it all depends on what you bring out in Me.

So, let’s see, some noteworthy events – the Guess the Mistress game is STILL going on at teasemania.com  – but I’m thinking that I might take it down soon because still no one has won yet. So I will report back to you once we’ve made a more solid decision. 🙂

I’m glad to hear back from some of the clients who disappeared for a bit during the holidays – it’s always to catch up and get back control of those cocks again!

Thanks to those who sent in scripts for Me to record erotic audios – I’m always forever grateful as I love to peer into your minds and see what you are really thinking. I always love to know dirty minds through the scripts that I receive. It’s nice to open the lid and peer inside.

I will be around all week to take your calls – so give Me a call before 2008 is gone forever!

Happy New Year

Ms Cecilia