Hello everyone!

I’ve been quite busy lately taking calls, talking to all my favorite callers. Even those who wraps presents for his cat! (sorry, I had to slip that one in there … haha).  But in actuality, it’s endearing and cute, and I love it.

Now, for all you others – I’ve had a great time talking to you and I’m glad that everyone is having a good time!  I recently took on another “slut” that dressed up for Me, and then recorded it on his video recorder – I did enjoy that immensely.  I’ve yet to ask him if he watched the “replay” or not and if he will post it up anywhere. :)   However, I’m having a good time training him whether or not I get to watch the playback of what I had him doing to himself – especially with a dildo.

Happy D – I haven’t spoke much about him, but I have to admit him being among one of my favorite callers – he’s always willing to experiment, and play with certain toys I suggest.  I recently asked him to get a vibrator – and that’s thing, I do what I can to try to keep it fresh and new whenever possible. I’m, of course, always open for suggestions as well. I love doing cock control with him, and masturbation guidance. 🙂

To Me, life is stale enough and you have to sometimes spice it up with certain things to break you out of the mold.  Otherwise, that’s what things can become – mold. And stale.

Anyhow, give Me a call – I will be around on Christmas, there or around about.  Just look for Me!

Ms Cecilia