Hello my little masturbating elves,

(now is that an image or what?)

Well, here we are – rapidly approaching the holidays and all My masturbating elves are coming around and doing their dirty deed.  I’m not sure why I say masturbating elves …  it’s just something that popped into My head and unfortunately – I can’t get it out.  haha!

Anyway, My party slut came back around to grace Me with his cocksucking presence for a couple of hours yesterday – which is always fun. Equipped with red panties and what not,  we talked about all the in and outs (no pun on in and out) of him sucking on the big one.   I’d like to really know – and I’m beginning to slowly find out, how many closet cocksuckers there are?  I mean, all along, here I thought you were after pussy, but really, you were just trying to get your own cock back into your mouth.  Unbelievable.  I do like talking about it  – I have to admit.

Not only that, the cuckolds!  I get more calls on this subject matter. A lot of you are sitting around secretly wishing your girlfriend or wife would cheat on you. HAHA. Honestly, if you think about it – it’s hilarious. I mean, you meet the girl of your dreams – everything is going okay, with exception of your own “manly” equipment and you want her to fuck someone else! I love it. The stories that go along with it are fantastic as well as roleplaying about it.  What’s not to love?

Anyway, my masturbating, drooling elves – back to the phone for Me. I suggest you get on board and give Me jingle-jingle ring.

Ms Cecilia