I was thinking lately about the list of submissives/ and or callers I have who are quite loyal to Me, and how much I appreciate them.  One of them in particular is Happy D.  I don’t speak much about him because his blog was always private and never wanted to reveal too much – but I do enjoy how much he really dedicates his time to Me, and we always have fun together.   I have been talking to him for quite some time, and he doesn’t cause problems, troubles and he’s always willing to try something new! So thank you, Happy D, for always spoiling Me and sticking with Me. He is very much a cock control slut, and that’s how I like them – nice and slutty and OBEDIENT! It’s very much appreciated!

When I speak of loyalty, I speak in terms of completing assignments and actually giving Me the chance to watch over you.  What’s the point of being a Mistress if I can’t watch over you?   Also, to have fun with it.

Also to Razzie – you know who you are and I had fun with you yesterday and looking at all of your photos! It was a lot of fun.   I look forward to working with you as My dog! Tanya as well – I’ll be posting up her blog soon under My other submissives blogs and it would be nice to see her progress.  So follow along with that – it should be an interesting read!

Now, the Christmas rush is coming along just fine!  I certainly look forward to speaking to all My naughty elves this month!

Ms Cecilia