This morning, I’ve been working on a school teacher theme.  Part of Me has always wanted to teach at a college level, maybe someday, but for now I have to fantasize about it. Part of  this fantasy is usually teaching a room full of boys about their own cocks and how to stroke it.  Actually, you’d all be amazed at how much you don’t know about the functioning of your own penis.  You know it gets aroused, and you must put your hand on it – but I’m not so sure if you’ve really thought about how it all works. I suppose that learning dry facts would be a mood killer – but not when I’m teaching it, of course.  I’m sure if such a class existed, you would not want to miss it!  Besides, missing it would mean more tease and denial for you, and a deduction in your final grade.

The other sexy audio I have has to do with the olympics.  If you didn’t watch the opening ceremony last night – you should have! It was amazing as always.  I look forward to watching some of the events.

Look for Me as always – I will be around this weekend to take your calls.