I was recently talking to someone who sounds a lot like Robert Deniro on the phone – which, of course, cracked Me up because now I have made him My “kitchen bitch”.   I hear he’s quite the cook, and the other day, after starting an accidental fire in My kitchen trying to make french-press coffee – I decided I needed someone there that day to make it for Me. Hence, why he became My kitchen bitch. haha.

Anyway, my kitchen bitch, don’t be a stranger and I will talk to you in October.

I’ve had fun with My panty perv these last few days. I told him that I went to The Police concert and was wearing some very sexy panties there and then e-mailed him to tease him viciously about it.  I know that he did enjoy hearing about how he could clean them out. Oh panty perv, you are just too much fun to mess with and tease. I love it!

I’ve been doing lots of erotic text sessions this week – so don’t forget – if you are holed up in your office and looking for an escape – go to sexytexting.com and book a session.  I will certainly keep you entertained while it looks like you are working.  haha.  I like to think that I am aiding in your productivity. At least in the productivity of your sperm.

Now get your asses back to work and stop reading My blog – or at least make good use of your time and make a phone sex call or get a text session. I’ll make sure you work.

Ms Cecilia