I posted up an audio up at teasemania.com – be sure to check that out – it was written by the one and only Masturbating Idiot – one of my most favorite callers. He’s highly creative and can whip out the best scripts – I truly appreciate your talent!

Also, thanks to Rel for submitting scripts in the past – I have used some. They are helpful as well 🙂

Anyone is welcome to submit erotic audio scripts to Me at anytime as they are always useful for me.

I had a good call yesterday that deems mentioning. He turned on his cam, and he was a real cutie pie! He wanted to be forced feminized – but we just had the best conversation, and we really did hit it off! I enjoyed talking to him. We had a lot to talk about as far as past experiences go and what he has done, and I really do like the calls where there is a goal in place and we know what direction we are sort of going in. Of course, spontaneity is nice too 😉

As always, your Mistress Cecilia is around to take your calls today – so look for Me and message with any questions that you may have regarding sessions. I’d like to have fun too today, and I want to hear all about your kinky little perversions.

Until we speak,

Ms Cecilia